The design of DeepESDL is focused on the idea of on-boarding new DeepESDL user projects with the help of the DeepESDL Hub which can be seen as an implementation of the ESA Earth Science Hub. Accordingly, a DeepESDL user project may support specific ESA EO for Society research projects and activities that are aggregated in Science Clusters such as

The DeepESDL Hub manages user projects and their users. The Hub provides for each project a workspace or tenant, assigns project resources, hosts project artifacts, provides a dashboard for result dissemination, and integrates team collaboration tools. It also controls visibility of results of individual user projects so that they can be made part of a DeepESDL public portrayal.

A DeepESDL user project comprises numerous own applications, interfaces, services, and data available in the provided workspace. Service access and application deployments are managed by the Control Plane of the DeepESDL Hub. Actual workloads are scaled on the Worker Plane.